Friday, 16 December 2011

Today at Family History Helpers

All of our Christmas Gift Packages that were to be hand delivered have now gone out, it has certainly been a fun few days delivering them! It's always nice to hear the excited exclaims of people discovering what their ancestors did, what their children were called, where they came from, etc. The last of the Christmas Gift Packages that are to be posted will be sent via Special Delivery tomorrow morning.

This evening I'm continuing work on an Advanced Pack for which we have traced the customer's family name back to 1692 so far and are still going strong! Throughout the 1700s and in the early 1800s the family were weaver's from Ashton-under-lyne, Lancashire (apart from one many-times-Great Grandfather who tried his hand at being a book keeper, and a beer retailer, but in the end was also a weaver!).
A weavers cottage in 1772
In the 1830s the family moved to Manchester and most of the men, and many of the women were cotton spinners, but by the mid 1840s the family were back to working as weavers again, but this time with the assistance of power looms!
Power loom weaving in 1835
This remained the occupation for most of the family until, in 1865, the customers Great-Grandfather broke the mold and became an iron turner (although he briefly fell back on his family's connections in cotton weaving for just under a year in 1871), his sons were also iron turners. The customer's father moved to Cheshire and set up his own business as a grocer in the 1930s. I wonder how much further back from 1692 we'll be able to take this line? Very exciting!

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