Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New revealing letter on 150th anniversary of Prince Albert's death

A letter written by Queen Victoria, previously unknown of to the general public, has today been revealed by London auctioneers, Argyll Etkin. Today is quite a fitting day for the content of the letter to be announced as it is the 150th anniversary of the death Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert; and the letter expresses the Queen's deep ongoing grief 15 months after his passing.
Prince Albert died on 14 December 1861, he had not been well since the autumn of 1860 when he jumped from a fast moving horse drawn carriage which was about to crash, although his official cause of death was recorded as typhoid fever. He was aged just 42. The Prince had had special interest in applying science and art to the manufacturing industry and he had played a major role in the organisation of The Great Exhibition of 1851, he also led reforms in university education, welfare, and slavery.
The Queen was truly devastated by the death of her husband and she mourned him deeply for the rest of her life.
Below is an excerpt from the newly revealed letter that the Queen wrote to 82 year old military commander Viscount Gough on the death of his wife in March, 1863:
‘The Queen has heard with much concern of the sad affliction that has befallen Lord Gough and is anxious to express personally her sincere sympathy to him.
 Irreparable as his loss is how blessed to have lived together until the evening of their lives with the comfort and hope of the separation being a short one.
 To the poor Queen this blessing so needful to her has been denied and she can only hope never to live to old age but be allowed to rejoin her beloved great and loyal husband before many years elapse.’
Queen Victoria, in mourning, 1862

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